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By holding membership of the Forum, members agree to be bound by these rules.
Members will do their utmost to abide by the spirit of the Forum and to follow the Rules which are shown below and will make whatever contribution they can to the store of the Forum.

1. No member may submit a post or send mail to another member which the Team judge to be:
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2. Members will not submit posts for financial gain or for distribution of political , religious or any other kind of propaganda, this includes spam and advertising of any kind.

3. Members will do their utmost to keep threads good humoured, courteous and tactful and will not react to bad behaviour of others.
Members will help monitor the wellbeing of the Forum by reporting unsuitable posts.

4. Members accept that the decision of the Team in all matters relating to the maintenance of the site,interpretation of the spirit and rules of the Forum, moderation and membership is final and binding.

5. members will hold only ONE membership at a time.

These simple rules are intended solely to maintain usefulness and survival of the Forum and those using it.


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#2 by condy ( deleted ) , Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:31 am

To further promote LED lighting fixtures including LED Down Light. The closely watched 2012~2013 semiconductor lighting products promotion projects bidding that organized by ministry of finance, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology. There is no one empty seat among the 300 seats. 113 semiconductor lighting enterprises are too impatient to wait the opening.


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RE: General Forum Rules

#3 by condy ( deleted ) , Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:31 am

Compared with common LEDs, high brightness LEDs are brighter and have better performance. High brightness LEDs can be used in more broad area, like LED Ceiling Lights and other lighting fixtures and cars, display etc. the most important usage of high brightness LED is huge display, auto signal indicates and solid lamp.

LED Down Light

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RE: General Forum Rules

#4 by comcom ( deleted ) , Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:08 am

No need to touch the switch, just press the remote controller, LED Panel Light will light up or stop working. You never need to get off your bed to control your lights. Intellectual lights have a really high profile in recent years and are becoming more and more mature. According to specialist, in the near future intellectual LED lighting fixtures will replace general lighting fixtures and become the main trend of lighting. Lighting products will enter into “remote control age”.
On Olympic technology prospects forum, intellectual lighting was put on the agenda. Ministry of Construction required 60% of buildings in big and medium size installed intellectual lighting fixtures in 2010. Related department of Shanghai decided to installed intellectual energy-saving lights for main streets to save energy, especially in summer when electricity demands are at peak.



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