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How I became an owner of a AOFB car mascot.
I had my own blog some time ago which I haven't used for a long time.
One day I received a message off a chap ( I have forgot his name, I will call him John ) in South Africa stating he had a AOFB car mascot and wanting to know the value of the said object. Well I emailed back to John the next day ( next minute really ) Not knowing the price I thought about £20. After a bit of haggling we arrived at the grand price of £50.
No way was I going to send John the money and no way was he going to send me the mascot, stalemate, till John come up with an idea. A friend of his ( we'll call him Bill ) from Bristol was going to visit John in South Africa. The idea was for John to give Bill the mascot,take it back to Blighty where I was to arrange a meet with Bill in Bristol. This was done and this is how I became a proud owner of a AOFB car mascot.

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